My wife, bless her soul, was looking to get away from the whole Blogger/BlogSpot thing. Maybe it was the new template they came out with, maybe it was the fact that her site now will scream at you if you have any sort of malware checking available (who wouldn't want some extra malware on their site).

She didn't let me know about this until after she had thought about how she was looking for something new... somewhere else to post, perhaps, slightly smaller posts that exceeded character counts of twitter but didn't require novel type thinking (which she felt with her blogspot). 

I come in from work today and hear: "I've opened a tumblr account."

No. no no no. No. No. Not allowing it no.

It's missing a letter for freaks sake. 

So I did what any self respecting husband would do - I moved her over to my server, bought a few domains, and now she has her own playground (which I also have full technical control over). 

Go take a look: