Hey. Does anyone even read blogs anymore? It seems that there is a transition from blog format, to a quick jot of words in less than 300 characters.

There is a part of me that misses blogging about random things, but I think I haven’t done it in a while because a) it felt slightly narcissistic and b) I thought I was the only one reading it.

That was until a few days ago where someone dropped a comment to an Instragram post where she “used to read” my blog. Got me thinking, well why not start again. Maybe no one will read but it will allow me to escape reality and enter my own consciousness while spewing down words.

I should watch what I say

I like being a home-body. I also like people. It’s a weird combination where I like being alone and surrounded by people at the same time. I wish that it was the case that both provide a sort of energy for me equally, but that’s not the case. It’s more that each has it’s own special type of energy that the other recharges. So in order to have lots of energy for people, I need to recharge by being alone and in order to have lots of energy for being alone I need to be around people.


shankrabbit, that equation doesn’t work out.

No, I know it doesn't but I’m sort of messed up like that.

What it does do is it makes me get involved in a lot of activities and at the same time want to avoid said activities. But I force myself to stay involved and continue doing the activities that I’ve signed up for.

There is, however, a downside of being very involved in other people’s lives. I’ve REALLY got to watch what I say. Being cut off from the world allows you to say whatever you want, especially when it concerns communication on the internet. I think that’s part of the introvert’s addiction in the digital age. It’s a drug to remain anonymous and say whatever you want, be whoever you want to be, have multiple personalities and zero accountability. But when you’re involved directly with other people, you need to have your filter, need to be consistent, have accountability. In a way, it keeps you a “good person”.

So I’m being forced to be “good”… which is a good thing.

Hopefully I Remain Consistent

Maybe this time I’ll remain consistent in blogging… maybe not. But like life I, and I hope you, enjoy it while it lasts.