It's a double edge sword having so many blogs under my responsibility right now. On the positive sharp end, I have a lot of outlets with which to draw myself to deeper understanding of a certain topic while potentially helping other people solve problems or giving them an opportunity to laugh. But there is that other negative dull painful end of the sword where I actually have to try to keep up with writing that much or scraping my skull to be witty enough as to not be a boring read. 

I've got my techy outlet (www.pixel73.com/blog) where I write all my advanced coding stuffs.
I've got my geeky, freaky car fettish outlet (claire.shankrabbit.com) where I write about my little facination that I have with my car, a 2005 MINI Cooper S. 
And I've got my "family" outlet (family.shankrabbit.com) where I keep family members up to date with the latest happenings. (It's a lot easier then snail mail or emails... we're cheap, I know).
So why start this blog?
I realized that I don't have an outlet of what it is like being a dad. I know some would think, "Ok... Shank... you know how many blogs are out there from dads?" Well... no... because the internet is a giant black hole of people who have blogs that think the world would be a better place if everyone read their little nuggets of analytical gold. But I can imagine that there are a lot.
I get that my mind-vomit isn't going to solve world hunger, and it's not going to make every man a better dad or every woman a better mom. I get that. And I'm not trying to be that person. 
What I will offer is what I will call, "Ponder-Heh!". Things that make you go: "Hmmm" while offering you a bit a laughter. (Which I hope you now have that song in your head... "Things that make you Ooh Ooh Ooh".)
What I also want to offer is a viewpoint of an engineer, a senior application developer in specific, who one day became a dad and had to deal with the idea that not everything can be solved in binary thinking. Especially all the things that happen while having a little daughter run around. 
I want to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I also hope that I won't get smacked with that dull end of the sword. You, the reader, deserve to get at least that much for the time it took you to click a little link somewhere to end up on this page. (which ironically looks like 1.5 million other blogs out there)
Welcome to my family.
I'm the dad: ShankRabbit
My beautiful wife: Isabella
Our little girl: Niamonster (or Peanut)
Welcome to the spew of my words about life in our household and all the crazy unorganized thoughts that I have. 
Welcome to The Code Monkey Daddy, it's just another blog about some guy with a kid and a wife.